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Life, Loss, and the Wisdom of Rivers – Brain Pickings

“It’s a mercy that time runs in one direction only, that we see the past but darkly and the future not at all.” “The past only comes back when the present runs so smoothly that it is like the sliding

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The Moment of Writing

The Moment of Writing By Amit Chaudhuri May 10, 2018     When does writing begin? The act of committing the first words to a page—as I am doing now—is cited for its difficulty. Though those words might well be

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“Happiest Moment” by Lydia Davis

I’m not sure exactly how many nested layers there are to Lydia Davis’s short story “Happiest Moment.” Sometimes I count as many as nine frames to the tale, sometimes only four or five. Sometimes the story seems its own discrete

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Human Assets

The Promise and Dread of Digitising Humans In 2013, actor Paul Walker died in a car-crash halfway through the filming of Furious 7. Universal was left with a tough decision: stop the production of a hugely profitable movie franchise — or find

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination

The Shot That Echoes Still Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, fifty years ago this April, marked a blow to the struggle for racial equality from which the nation has still not healed. In an essay published in Esquire in

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Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem By Dr. Maya Angelou

In her powerful, inspiriting poem “Amazing Peace,” Maya Angelou speaks of Christmas as “the halting of hate time.” Though she wrote the poem especially for the White House Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony back in 2005, her words are even more

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18 Best Blog Tips: New Ways to Promote Your Blog, Increase Traffic, and More!

Originally posted on Susie Lindau's Wild Ride:
After six years of blogging, I’ve compiled eighteen of my best blog tips for you including how to promote blog posts and ways to increase traffic. I’ve learned a lot from the school…

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