Start and Build A Successful Blog – WHSR A-Z Blogging Guide

Start and Build A Successful Blog – WHSR A-Z Blogging Guide.

Starting a blog is not as difficult as it seems. Sure, it could get very tricky in certain stages; but generally speaking, blogging is do-able for everyone who has a computer with an Internet connection. If you are new to blogging or simply need that final push to start a blog, this is the ultimate guide that will show you A-to-Z about starting and managing a successful blog.


Table of Content


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  1. Starter Guide: For the total newbies
  2. Quality Content: How to create great content for your blog consistently
  3. Blog Design: How to create a beautiful blog
  4. Building Traffics: From going viral to smart SMM & SEO strategies. 
  5. Monetization: How to make money blogging for real
  6. Blog Management: How to do more in less time
  7. Thoughts & Ideas: To your blogging success and beyond


1. For the Total Newbies


getting started


Where to start?


If you’ve never created a blog before, the set-up process might feel daunting (BUT it’s not!). For the very new newbies, this step-by-step checklist will guide you through the process of creating a self-hosted blog.


 How  to start a blog in 15 minutes


Finding the right niche


To build a successful blog, you need to find a niche.


You pick a profitable topic that you are interested or specialize in; and you stick to it.


A successful blog must attract an engaged audience that keeps coming back for more, and one of the easiest ways to get such an audience is to find the right niche for your blog.  Once you’ve got a niche targeted, it’s easier to organize content, tailor your social media engagement and focus your search engine efforts for long tail results.


 Finding the right niche for your blog


Blogging mistakes to avoid


If you could turn back time, what are the things you would teach yourself before starting a blog? I did a survey in 2014 and asked bloggers what are the things they wish to know before starting their first blog. The response I got was overwhelming. And I got a huge variety of answers – some are very common, and some are totally out of my imagination. Read this post to learn what I’ve learned from other bloggers as well as my biggest blogging mistake that almost drove me out of business in 2012.


In this post – I’m going to talk about the one thing that I wish to know before starting Web Hosting Secret Revealed. A mistake that almost drove me out of blogging business in 2012. Next, I’ll share with you some of the best answers I’ve got from the survey.


 Things we wish we knew before starting a blog


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2. Creating Great Blog Content


creating great content


Consistent quality writing


Personally, I hate writing. Writing English essays is definitely the most hated homework during my school days. And, I bet many of you bloggers are just like me.


Unfortunately, good content is the backbone of blogging (and in many cases, web marketing) success. Creating good content consistently is just too vital task to be ignored for bloggers and web marketers.


In this article, we are going to look at a powerful content creation technique (and a number of awesome tools) used by many pro bloggers.


 How to write a great blogpost every week consistently


How to write faster and better – 7 tools


Part of running a high quality blog is offering high quality content with high quality writing. Not everyone is a natural writer, but thanks to a slew of online tools, everyone can become a better writer. Here are just seven of the many helpful online tools out there that help writers to improve their final versions


 Write faster and better – 7 tools


Taking better photos for your blog


Great photos are an absolute requirement for a good blog, particularly if you work with brands, but while you don’t necessarily have to be a great photographer, there are a few simple tips and steps that you can take to improve your photography and make your posts more appealing. In addition, using your own your photos gives you full creative control and removes all the headaches that comes with using other people’s work. Here are Gina’s tips on how you can improve taking and editing photos for your blog.


 Graphic is not my thing – Part 1: Take better photoPart 2: Editing


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3. Blog Design


blog design


Where to Get Professional-Designed Themes?


The design of your WordPress (as well as most other blogging platforms) blog is separated from the backend system. The appearance of your WordPress blog is controlled by a series of files we call template or theme. You can create or modify the outlook of your blog easily by editing files in the template folders without touching the backend system.


Most WordPress bloggers do not create their own blog/website templates as there are plenty of templates available (for free or for an affordable price) online. If this is your first WordPress blog, I  suggest you start by using templates built by others. A simple search on Google should get you infinite WordPress templates. Alternatively, you can find beautiful templates from WordPress themes gallery sites as well as related blogs.



4. Building Blog Traffics


building blog traffics


Winning your first 1,000 page views


Starting a blog over 10 years ago had its advantages: there wasn’t much competition, and if you could find the right niche, you could land a sweet spot that would last. The way to build readership was easy – simply comment on other blogs. Since there weren’t as many, it was an easy way to gather followers.


Nowadays, the sailing isn’t as smooth. There are over 4 million mom blogs in the U.S. alone. Today’s bloggers have to be savvy and competent. The good news is that if you make your first 1,000 monthly page views, you are way ahead of the pack.


 How to win your first 1,000 page views


Search Engine Optimization


SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization – done right is like today’s equivalent of a premium Yellow Pages listing… but without an actual assigned cost. There are tons of rules and best practices, all of which aim to enhance content that you generate which in turn boosts your search engine rankings – or in simple terms, helps your content and site to show higher in the search results. The higher your ranking, but better the likelihood of someone visiting your site – especially since approximately 75% of internet users never browse past page one of the search results.


 SEO 101 for first time bloggers


Smart social media strategy


When it comes to social media marketing – there are many theories about how often you should post, what times of day you should post, how much you should focus on Call to Action statements and how often you should share posts from others. However, what it all boils down to is that you should be more focused on what your audience is interested in and how you can relate to them than how you can promote yourself and your business. In this article, we are going to look at how social media promotion should be done.


 Why People Hate Social Media Promotions and How You Can Promote Successfully


Going viral


It’s the dream of every blogger to write a post that gets picked up by social media and goes around the Internet like a fast-moving fire. We see these viral topics all the time. It might be a video of a baby laughing or an article about a mom creating storybook photos. Trying to break the code and understand what will go viral and what won’t can seem like an insurmountable task.


 5 steps to writing your first viral blogpost


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5. Make Money Blogging


make money blogging


Brands & Bloggers


While it’s common sense that bloggers should practice proper etiquette when working with brands, it’s also true that some brands do not really know how to work with bloggers and can damage their reputation with lack of organization, missed deadlines, or unreliable information. Here is a primer for brands and bloggers working together.


 Brands & Bloggers: Best Practices for Working Together


How Kevin Muldoon built and sold for $60,000


One of the best teaching methods available is the case study. By observing real-life events, you can learn what to do and what not to do. In this article, Kevin Muldoon presents a retrospective case study of; a blog which he founded in 2007 and later sold in 2010 for $60,000. remains one of the most popular blogging advice blogs on the internet.


 How I built and sold for $60,000 


Monetizing your blog


If a blog has a lot of traffic and a loyal readership, it can be monetized. In this article, Lori Soard talks about the main ways you can monetize your blog. Most bloggers use a combination of the methods detailed in this article.


 The most profitable ways of monetizing a blog 


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6. Blogs Management


managing your blog


How to blog more in less time


Being a freelance blog writer is great gig to fill the time if you are in between jobs, or children, or have lots of spare time on your hands.


The question is, once your schedule changes and free time becomes a thing of the past, how do you find time to blog? Every blogger needs help improving his or her time management.  Rather than abandoning blogging when things get busy or during an emergency, here are some ways that you can create more time for your blog in your hectic schedule.


Time management in blogging: How to blog more in shorter time


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7. Thoughts and Ideas


thoughts and ideas


Why bloggers should be culture leaders


Bloggers are culture leaders in the online world and they have the power to change the course of events. Why?


Luana gave us 8 reasons in the following article, all connected to the positive influence bloggers can have on the worldwide web by means of a simple tool: their unique voice.


 8 reasons why bloggers should be culture leaders


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It's all learning and teaching to me!!! In addition I love writing, sports, social media and the Greek island Crete, my second home!!!

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It's all learning and teaching to me!!! In addition I love writing, sports, social media and the Greek island Crete, my second home!!!

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